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"My purpose here is only to raise some enchanting questions for inquiring minds." - Julius Sumner Miller

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In a world full of ever-increasing scarcity, brought about by climate devastation and augmented by mass addictions to technology and virtual reality, a politician’s scheme to legislate population controls  becomes the catalyst for unanticipated social change that starts from an unforeseeable spark.

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Leadership Lessons: Learned
During Unusually Long Load Screens

Leadership Lessons is a practical guide for aspiring leaders, designed to provide a framework for establishing a positive culture within your community. Written and produced by CCM's CEO, Michael Sell.

Project Legacy: A Comprehensive Guide to Building Sustainable and Impactful Voluntary Teams

Project Legacy provides everything you need to know to effectively build and direct a volunteer organization. Follow this guide to ensure your actions leaving a lasting imprint long after you're gone.

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