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Mental Vs

A battle of wits that tests the limits of your imagination.


Mental Vs is a unique and exciting mental battle game that combines strategy and wit. Players face off in thrilling duels using MidJourney (in Discord), and their imagination as their weapon to outsmart their opponent and claim victory.

After completing the match in Discord using our simple ruleset, the players can upload their duel using the MentalVs app. Once uploaded, the crowd will weigh in on the match and a victor will be named!

Mental Vs is a mental battle game that combines strategy, wit and imagination. Excite, mesmerize, and entertain the crowd for ten rounds to find yourself victorious in the end! It's perfect for players who love a good mental challenge and enjoy strategic dueling games like Yugioh, Magic the Gathering, and Pokémon.




The goal of the game is to outwit your opponent and your imagination is the limit! Entertain and win over the crowd to become a champion of legend!



Duplications of your own or your opponents prior actions 

Image references (seeds or hyperlinks)

Preset Suffixes


How to Play:


Player 1 creates a Discord channel with a unique Coliseum name.

Invite the MidJourney bot and the opponent to the server (and channel).

Player 1 initiates the game by making the first action, an attack.

Player 2 then takes the second action, a defense or reaction to the attack.

This concludes the first round.

Player 2 declares the Round # before attacking

Player 2 takes the third action, an attack.

Player 1 takes the fourth action, a defense or reaction to the attack.

This concludes the second round.

Player 1 declares the Round# before attacking

Repeat the process for 10 rounds.


Standard Match Details:

Game lasts for 10 rounds.

Each action gets 3 image generation attempts.

Prompts must be 12 words or less

Expected Response Time: 12 hours or less

Aspect Ratio adjustments count as 1 word toward your prompt word count


How to Win:

End the match when you checkmate your opponent by dumbfounding them, getting them to duplicate an action, or go all 10 rounds.

After you finish the duel, Player 1 will access the MentalVs app.

Log in and select “Upload Duel.”

Receive a shareable link and Coliseum ID that you can share.

Share the link with your opponent and anyone else you wish to be a spectator. 

The duel will also be publicly available for the community to view and vote on.

The Community will vote on preferred actions for each round and a total will be calculated for each player. The highest scoring player wins


Tips: Be creative. Make reactions relevant. Be coherent with a battle-long theme. Its about the spectacle, not just the ‘kill shot.' 

To contribute to our project,

here is a link to our Patreon.

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